Yo all :D

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      Well i'm not good at introducing my self so i will just make it short and simple.

      I'm Mantas from Lithuania i started playing poker about 6 months ago and started playing online about 4 months ago.

      Back the old days when i just started playing i didint really read any artickes strategys and stuff like that but when i started to loose money playing live or online i said to my self "no more" so i joined this community and i started to read all the articles involving strategys and stuff like that.

      The one thing that improved my game live like about 50% was pot odds since me and by buds were always playing short staked i realised that its insane to play for 50$ with only 20BB and the blinds were very high (1$/2$ i think).

      Any way now i'm trying to bust one of my friends who is always winning alot so the first thing i did was to get more blinds so now we play with atleast 50BB.

      The last few times we played i managed to get very good read on him and started to clean him out but then he goes on tilt and starts playing maniac style and i can't tell truly anymore and he takes back the profit i have made. So i would like some tips on how to act when he changes styles.

      Well anyway i think i told alot of stuff off-topic mayby for introducint topic but i hope you wont judge me :D

      I really enjoy poker even thou i have lost alot of money i still dont stop trying and i hope i might make it to WSOP main event one day :D as they say practice makes perfect :D
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