XXX Edited by EagleStar88 - Breach of Forum Rules

thedahl, you are of course fully aware of why I have closed this thread and removed your other spamming of the same links, you said so yourself in your text.

As this is your first offence, I am issuing you with an amber warning. Please adhere to the board rules at all times in the future, otherwise you risk being ejected from the forum and community which we would not want to happen.

Please also be aware that what you have advertised is against Full Tilt's terms and conditions and any member following your link would be putting their whole bankroll at Full Tilt at serious risk. It is PokerStrategy's primary aim to protect it's members at all times.

We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.


Rule No. 3: No advertising commercial offers of any sort!

We cannot allow links to affiliate sites or the posting of bonus codes. The project is completely financed by our affiliate advertising. Without this we could not offer our support, articles, or live coaching. For this reason we must protect the interest of the entire community from foreign advertising. This includes indirect advertising for commercial offers!