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Live Poker

    • michaelqian
      Joined: 02.05.2009 Posts: 512
      Hi all

      Playing a live session soon. Any useful tips?

      Having never played live before, I feel that in live games people would normally play looser. Is this true?

      I think because online you can play many tables, so you can pretty much adopt a tight aggressive style and wait for good hands.

      But live you can only play 1 hand at a time and it takes a lot longer to do so, therefore people can't afford to wait for premiums all the time.

      So should I loosen up in a live game? Otherwise I can imagine myself folding 9/10 times and being very predictable and easily bullied.

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    • radyan111
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 1,151
      Your thinking is a bit wrong. If you were playing just one table online would you start to loosen up because of that? If yes, that's because you don't have enough patience to wati for a good enough starting hand, not because you're getting predictable.

      The thing is, every hand takes a lot more time to play live because you have to shuffle the deck manually, deal the cards manually, count the chips by yourself and so on. So you are getting less good hands per hour, but the same amount of good hands per 100 hands.

      So the same principles apply - don't play shitty hands just because you're bored. You might want to focus on your opponents more in between hands to figure out how loose or tight they are playnig and pay extra attention to the hands that saw showdown. Try to think about the way they were played.

      If however other players are playing to loose (like raising 40 or more percent of their hands) you should adapt. Be more inclined to call them in position with cards like suited connectors or broadways like KQ, AJ and so on (assuming you fold them to the regular raise). You can loosen up your 3betting range a bit and try to protect your blinds more. Use your image to your advantage - if you were playing tight before you have much better fold equity with your semi-bluffs, preflop squeezes and so on.

      And don't focus on reading other players expressions, gestures and so on - that just won't work if you're not experienced. And don't try to act yourself as well, it usually does more harm than good.

      And good luck at the tables.