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NL 10 Overbet to escape suckouts?

    • feedfest
      Joined: 13.06.2009 Posts: 119
      I'm having some real trouble on NL 10
      I'm making bets to make sure that villain has wrong odds to chase
      problem is, they keep chasing
      compounding things is that they keep hitting

      Now this isn't a rant or bad beat thread
      I am starting to think that overbetting for protection is the only approach on this limit
      People are too willing to chase and I seem to be misjudging their hand everytime

      Any thoughts on this? How the FU.. can you get people to fold when they are supposed to?

      I'm really getting killed right now and I am starting to think that overbetting AA on every street is better than making a proper bet and being called down and sucked out on
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    • Ka0s
      Joined: 05.11.2008 Posts: 722
      If they keep hitting it would be variance imo.

      Maybe you're calling them too much ??
      If they go 'call call call' and then all of a sudden bet or raise they've sucked out most of the time. (I'm just guessing here)
      Overbetting continously would only be a good thing if they keep calling you with worse hands! Obviously easy to exploid.

      The whole post sounds like you're on the bad side of variance imo, but of course that's hard to say from here.

      You could be too aggressive, too passive or just unlucky.
      I saw you get a lot of responses on hands you posted, so maybe that will help a lot?