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Outscripted by Ipoker chatters

    • w34z3l
      Joined: 03.08.2009 Posts: 13,331
      Anyone have an opinion on the ipoker 'chat agents', or know how exactly they operate?

      I'm sure any of you who have played on the ipoker network are aware of the instant chat messages received informing players of deposit bonuses etc.
      In itself, this is great. It's nice to feel as if you are a valued player.

      However, imo, there is something incredibly fishy about these agents. They pressure you into making a deposit and generally seem incapable of taking no for an answer. Large amounts of the responses, while supposedly not automated seem to be at least scripted as some type of alias or macro.

      Even down to the standard method of initiating a conversation. It's usually 'How are you doing today, <name>?'. I reply 'good, thanks'. They say, 'thats nice to hear', followed by, 'you're welcome'. I'm welcome? This may be a small point but 'you're welcome' seems to be a standard reponse to 'thanks', rather than something that really fits into the conversation. The kind of thing you'd expect from a bot. Although as established, the agents are not total bots, but I reckon they are definitely scripted up.

      Unfortunately I missed off the first part of this convo, but this is following the standard 'how are you' and two attempts to get me to deposit which I declined, and expressed no further interest in depositing.

      Me - I do not wish to make a desposit at this time
      Agent - How about an invite for the xxxxxxx on your first deposit now? Which will take place on xxxxxxx.
      Me - Did you read the above sentence I wrote?
      Me - Do you guys get commission or something?
      Agent - I don't get any commission or bonus at all, of course it will be a good mark for my job.
      Agent - And I just really want you to have these bonuses.
      Me - How did you get your job anyway?
      Me - ....if you don't mind me asking that is.
      Agent - Unfortunately, we are not allowed to disclose any personal information, please understand.
      Me - I'm not after anything personal
      Me - I was just asking how one ends up working for the site
      Me - Can anyone apply etc
      Agent - Thank you for your interest in seeking employment with xxxxx Poker. We have no position available as of the moment. Therefore, we will not be proceeding further with your application at this stage.
      Me - heh, no need to send me auto messages
      Me - sorry, I shall leave you about your business
      Agent - How about my offers?
      Me - Its ok, I'm not allowed to discuss personal issues such as deposits with you
      Agent - Aside from those bonuses, you will also receive a token for xxxxxxxxxx. This freeroll will take place at xxxxxxx
      Agent - All of these wonderful promotions for only the minimum deposit of 20GBP
      Agent - Are you sure you don't want to make your deposit now?
      Me - Sorry, I just don't trust you
      Me - You are acting like a bot
      Agent - I'm sorry for that.
      Agent - But I'm not a bot. I'm a real person.

      (advertising continues, this time for casino bonuses)

      Well, sorry for the long post but I've been wondering about these agents for a couple of years now. What do you guys think?

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    • TheBrood
      Joined: 17.07.2008 Posts: 4,383
      I think they suck. When you need answers they hardly help, they are mostly there as publicity for the site.

      They might have some copy/paste buttons, I dunno, I'm not a programmer.
    • marvinas
      Joined: 23.04.2009 Posts: 70
      For one, AFAIK you can't withdraw any money unless you deposit some, so if you're a successful player and don't plan to become iPoker millionaire, you will have to deposit. And if they really start to annoy you, you can always ignore them, usually takes no more than 15 mins for them to go away :)

      I'm sure they have some of the chatting automated, its just nonsense to type same things again and again. I see them more as an amusement, they make me feel oh so wanted and important. At least someone wants to know what I'm thinking lol :) ) Also I feel for them, their job must suck a lot - imagine you have to chat to random people trying to sell them something they don't need. The only real drawback is that their chat window is always on top and occupies my very valuable screen space, and if I close it, I lose chat history.
    • excelgeo
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 1,107
      Originally posted by w34z3l

      Me - You are acting like a bot
      Agent - I'm sorry for that.
      Agent - But I'm not a bot. I'm a real person.

      (advertising continues, this time for casino bonuses)

      I am a real person! hahahahahaha

      internet chatting at its finest
    • opal99
      Joined: 05.02.2008 Posts: 8,270
      just turn the chat off... I never saw anything like that and I'm on iPoker since April.
    • NickParkes
      Joined: 07.07.2008 Posts: 1,526
      I've only seen them on titan... anyway I completely ignore them unless I actually want something... If you are thinking of making a deposit you can haggle them a bit... they do really want you to deposit, so if you're gonna, then ask them for something extra and don't deposit unless they give you something decent :f_biggrin:
    • DarthBobo
      Joined: 09.09.2007 Posts: 1,134
      hahahaha that conversation is so funny!!!

      Opal: it's on titan poker. they open a private chat window with you to talk you into depositing.

      btw: I got a PHONE CALL today from them asking me to deposit. WTF that's seriously fucked up!!
    • opal99
      Joined: 05.02.2008 Posts: 8,270
      lol @ Titan :D

      Actually, there was Titan presentation on the Black member party on Saturday and their representative was talking about some issues from the recent, mainly about cashout problems, those stupid phone calls etc... And mainly about how this is going to be changed (or already is changed? i didn't listen that much tbh) and I was talking to SoyCD after that how sceptical I am about his words... It's nice to hear I wasn't so wrong :D
    • CoreySteel
      Joined: 25.10.2006 Posts: 3,366
      Me - Its ok, I'm not allowed to discuss personal issues such as deposits with you

      nh, sir