ANY FREEROLLS for Pokerstars user?

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    • dadude77
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      There are currently no freerolls through pokerstrategy for pokerstars players, however there are the normal freerolls you can find under the tourneys/freerolls tabs in the pokerstars lobby.

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    • fljama
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      Hubble freeroll - 9000 entras - top 76 get ticked for 2000 $ freeroll

      daily eighty grand - 10000 entras - top 5 get ticked for 200 000 $ tournament and 5 - 27 get 5,5 $

      also if you are new to pokerstars you can enter freerolls under : Tourney/private freeroll is called juno invitational with 500 $ pool

      and Tourney/Regional you have freerolls for people only from your country once a day, pretty good freeroll also...
    • THeGaME23
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      PokerStars is my favourite site but I hate how they have basically no freerolls :(
    • Justin37
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      I havent see any freeroll design for poker strategy members!
    • dadude77
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      there aren't any, as I stated above :P
    • bantiwel
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      Currently they have the PCA fantasy freeroll every hour on the tourney/freeroll chart.You can also go to EVENTS then choose APPT,EPT,etc you can't miss the freerolls there..
    • dubrovnik
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      If anyone lives in Croatia, PokerStars have daily freeolls for Croatian players (first 9 get T$11)...

      good for starting capital

      and balkan freerolls for balkan sunday final (first 2 get T$215 for sunday warmup/sunday million) if you live in Slovenia,Croatia,Bosnia-Herzegovina,Serbia,Montenegro or Macedonia.

      Croatia players had success in WorldCup (Croatia qualified for World Cup finals live action in Bahamas)...
    • Hahaownedlolz
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      nah the dailey eight grand fills up in like 30 seconds. even when im there at the very start of registering it takes a while for it to process and by the time its done its to late.

      The hubble freeroll etc are like a 1% chance of winning anything so have fun wasting time in those o.O

      I currently only play the $1000 regional freeroll of the Netherlands every sunday. you dont win much unless you get very far but it's still alot better then those $100 freerolls which are basicaly a complete waste of time unless you get to the final table.
    • steinek
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      Hi Hahaownedlolz,
      I read your "friendly" comment on my video and I wrote you a short answer.
      We can discuss any situation if you want to and I will have a look at the comments regularly.
    • Anssi
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      There used to be Pokerstrategy freerolls on Stars; one every month for people who made account there that month.
    • monkey0nfire
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      yeh the pokerstars freerolls are a waste of time!

      If ur an auz/kiwi just play every nite in the APPT freerolls, pretty easy to make a deep run but gotta make top 20 in 1st tourney, n then i think top 10 in the 2nd step to make the final (i think). Donks a-plenty there!