[NL20-NL50] NL25 FR not 100% where i'm at.

    • justkyle88
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      Nacho: 10/5/1.6 146 Thought I might be able to make worse hands fold on the river and if I do get called i would be betting less than what I would be calling if villain bet again on the river.

      $0.1/$0.25 No Limit Holdem
      8 players
      Converted at weaktight.com

      UTG nutrinho87 ($23.90)
      UTG+1 Hero ($44.65)
      MP1 toluschev ($29.70)
      MP2 oppsIpooped ($26.20)
      CO kebolasere ($20.75)
      BTN NACHOS009 ($29.65)
      SB siapt ($37.00)
      BB bigvelts ($17.30)

      Pre-flop: ($0.35, 8 players) Hero is UTG+1 Q:heart: A:spade:
      1 fold, Hero raises to $1, 3 folds, NACHOS009 calls $1, 2 folds

      Flop: A:club: T:heart: K:heart: ($2.35, 2 players)
      Hero bets $2, NACHOS009 raises to $4, Hero calls $2

      Turn: 5:heart: ($10.35, 2 players)
      Hero checks, NACHOS009 bets $6, Hero calls $6

      River: 7:diamond: ($22.35, 2 players)
      Hero bets $12, NACHOS009 calls $12

      Final Pot: $46.35
      Hero shows: Q:heart: A:spade:
      NACHOS009 shows: K:club: A:heart:

      NACHOS009 wins $44.10 ( won +$21.10 )
      Hero lost -$23
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    • TheBrood
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      why did u post the results? lol

      - When this tight player calls you pf he is ahead.
      - When he minraises you, gtfo of the hand with just a pair lol
      - If you cant fold to minraise, fold to smallish turn bet, which invites you to call. If he were scared of FD he would bet more.
      - These nits only play monsters.
      - After he minraises flop and bets turn you will NEVER get a nit to fold river with such a small bet, prob not even with potsize bet.
    • Kaitz20
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      I think b/c flop, c7c turn and then evaluating river is fine play
      I´d take c/f line on the river instead of betting out since no worse hands are calling (maybe only AJ) or better hands folding