How can I be part of a coach Bankroll

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      Hy I want to start plaing good poker XXX [Edited by EagleStar88] - Breach of Forum rules

      Rule No. 5: No threads about private money transfers or sales (PT/PA, Books)!
      It is not allowed to search for private money transfers, or to sell items (e.g. PokerTracker, PokerACE liscences or books) on the forum. Please use Neteller or Moneybookers for your transfer needs. It is also not allowed to ask for money or loans on the forum. We do not want our users to be put in situations where they can suffer potential monetary loses.

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      Bucevschi Bogdan
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      Hi bogotm & welcome to the community.

      You will find fellow members willing to help advise you how to play poker etc. however please note that it is against forum rules to ask for any money with which to start or play poker with (even if you promise to pay it back).

      PokerStrategy provides you with everything you need (guides, free live coaching sessions to watch and learn from etc) to enable you to improve your game and all members started on the micro-levels to start off with.

      If you don't currently have a bankroll, then I can recommend the Tell A Friend scheme (details in my signature), deposit your own fund or try to cash a few freerolls. Please don't however ask other members to put up money.

      We wish you every success in your poker development and look forward to seeing you active in the forums soon.

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      p.s. I have removed your duplicate threads