Live sng strategy

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      My live pokertournaments.
      Blinds: 1/2 doubles every 30 mins

      Players: 5-9, the game is usually between me and two others. All the others players suck. Last time one of them had to learn the game, because he had never played before.

      Buy-in: At the current rate it is 8.5$, (we use NOK) and the winner takes it all.
      I win 4-5/10 games +/-. I should win more.

      All the others players are playing almost every hand, with no clue of what their doing, all of them limps. They want to see the flop even if they have 74o. If they hit the best possible hand, and someone else raises, they call on the flop, turn and river.
      When there is a raise, even if they didnt hit at all, they call. They wants to see the turn and the river.
      If the raise is big, like 4-6bb. They fold.

      What would you do in a game like this?

      Sorry for my english.
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