Quiz of the Week: The Big Slick

    • awishformore
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      Hello fellow PokerStrategists!

      This week's edition of your quiz deals with the most infamous of all poker hands: The Big Slick - AK can be a monster hand in a lot of situations, but if you don't pay attention, the hand might burn your money faster than you can say fold.

      A lot of players underestimate the complications this strong hand can cause; "AK is like Anna Kurnikowa - looks good, but hardly ever wins" -most players should have heard this quote before. While not entirely true, it sheds some light on the dilemma most players face when being dealt AK.

      It indeed takes an experienced player to know when this notorious hand lives up to its expectations. You only hit the flop in about one third of all cases and even if you do, you rarely want to play for an entire stack with a mere pair.

      Picking the right spots to go broke pre-flop or with TPTK takes experience and, before anything else, you have to adjust to your opponents. If you are able to do this, AK will quickly lose its bad reputation for you and it will be a hand to look forward to when you get it.

      Test your ability to handle one of the monster hands in poker now:

      For the previous No Limit edition of our weekly quiz, check out the following link:

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    • Ka0s
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      oh man .. I always suck at these quizes, but I feel obligated to do them. I'll feel bad in about 10 minutes.

      ... 21/26 .. not horrible :)
    • aloofkid
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      Nice quiz, it's all about playing TAG :)
    • Alan883
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      88% :) )

      Its very nice to see that result. We are all well educated.

      The question is how we react at the tables? That would be fun to see an equal situation at the table and the react:) )

      I think that the percentage there would be much lower:) )
    • SoyCD
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      You have achieved a total 26 of 26 possible points. This corresponds to 100 %!

      I'm surprised :s_biggrin:
    • NiekamNeidomu
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      Originally posted by SoyCD
      You have achieved a total 26 of 26 possible points. This corresponds to 100 %!

      I'm surprised :s_biggrin:
      i shiped AKs agaisnt UTG 4bet xD so 24 of 26 T_T but cooooooooomon it's AKs adn you folded here you nit ! :P
    • JuiceQuadre
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      85 %!

      Im :f_biggrin:
    • fun101rockets
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      21/26 i disagree with the first answer but whatever. i have lost more with AK than any other pokerhand
    • rudidso
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      23/26....apparently I play this hand better than even I thought I did.......maybe I should have more faith in my ability.....lol.....poker is such a mental game within yourself
    • WildBeans
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      [Quote]An immediate push would generate maximum fold equity, but a raise to $65 would be enough, too. This would still leave the opponent with the choice between push or fold, so it shouldn't really matter whether you just raise or push right away.[/quote]And yet I got 0 points for choosing push all in , and the fold option gives you 2 points. I think this is a mistake in the test.
    • Jumbles
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      You have achieved a total 24 of 26 possible points. This corresponds to 92 %!

      Damn my floating in 3bet pot ways...
    • kingdippy2008
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      Originally posted by Jumbles
      You have achieved a total 24 of 26 possible points. This corresponds to 92 %!

      Damn my floating in 3bet pot ways...
      Yeah wtf i tried that as well. Although app if we bet the turn and he c/r we are commited - meh :P

      I only got 19 :/

    • AugustusCaesar
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      100% .. Weeeeee :s_biggrin:
    • csnmf
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      I got 24/26 but don't agree with two questions although often i change my answer as i know what they are looking for really. With the first question i think calling is much better than 4 betting, 4 betting is just going to lead you to getting in your money in bad as you have priced yourself in pot odds wise from a bad 4 bet.

      The AKs against the nit, if you are 3betting there you have to get it all in otherwise what's the point in a 3bet? the nit is never calling oop only ever 4 betting so you might as well 3 bet with 27os and flat with the AKs and AKs has better equity than QQ against a range of QQ+ AK+. Are you 3 bet folding QQ here as well?
    • TheBrood
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      Last question: Calling gives you 2 points, but on the river a Q(we make straight) kills the action and a K(we hit OP) completes a straight...

      23/26 btw