Multitable Vs. Higher buyin Sng's

    • advola
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      Hallo all...

      I wanted to bring up the deal with multitabling let take
      9ppl sng for example.
      I ofthen see ppl multitable 4-10 tables at once.
      I really dont understand it... Why not play
      1-2 tables with a higher buyin (with BRM) that a single win or just cash
      will bring you aloat Profit and if you going up the limits all the time accourding
      to brm you can get aloat of profit with less risk to be 20buyins down
      becouse you lost if your 2 sessions of 10multitabling

      ill take 22$ sng when prizes are

      and take the 33$ sng

      if you play 2 33$ sng you risk the same money as 3 22$ sng
      and let say you win first in all sng you win
      in the 22$ 3 sng : 90*3=270$
      in the 33$ 2 sng: 135*2=270$

      youll get same profit but with less 33%tournement count

      What is your opinion on this?
      I play only 1-2 table at one time
      And have brm of 100-200 buy-in.
      In limit now of 22$-75$
      and played 400total tournements and sngs
      started with 2.25$ sngs with 25-30Buyin BRM
      and worked my way up with higher brm when i got to 200-300$ bankroll...
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    • zamoda
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      Higher limits usualy mean better players/tougher competition. Also many players try to play atleast break-even poker and make profit from rakeback/promotions/frequent player points. Higher volume let achieve higher vip ranks and stuff like that..

      to each his own.. I personally get bored playing 1-2 tables, even if I know I can get better results individually compared to multitabling
    • lessthanthreee
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      1 word

    • lennonac
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      You are not looking at the bigger picture, If you double the amount of tables you play your roi will go down there is no doubt about that but you hourly rate will go up, you are missing so much profit it is unreal.

      Put it this way I play around 50-100 sng's a day my hourly rate is around $95 if I only played 2 an hour it would be around $10, it all depends if you want to be the best or win the most.

      I know what I want
    • advola
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      i gess its individual to every player...
      varience gets you everywhere it sucks on the bubble
      but i think i wouldent got to the bubble if i played more then 1 table
      becouse of the ABC poker of multitbling...

      i play about 2-4 tournement of 45ppl sng a day and indeed have a 100% sometimes more in this tournies...
      i gess becouse i more think and dont play only abc poker like i see all the multitablers in my table 3bet all in very often with AK JJ+
      And that is there range to until final table...

      i take edvantege when i see a multitabler knowing his range
      and can steal his blind often...

      by the way.. i recognize a multitabler by :
      1. check the players who register right away when a tourny begin
      search them
      2. when plyr take aloat of time to play
      3.when they take time in a easy decision like no one enter the pot
      and he take time and fold...
    • miskokvo
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      you will see in future... on higher limits...

      if there is good multytabler using stats ... your steals are useless....

      by the way .. i can handle 9-12 tables without ABC play...
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      working my way to mutlitables
    • deVall3y
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      If i was feeling comfortable playing the higher buy in and im rolled for it, then I would start multitabling it.
      lets look at a mathematical approach:
      Lets say we are rolled for both $30 tournaments and $10 tournaments, but can only play 2 of the $30 at a time for some reason, and 10 of the $10.
      Lets say our ROI at the $30 is 10% and at the $10 15% fair enough
      and lets say that it takes an hour to finish a session on both limits

      We would be making on average 2 * $30 * 0.1 = $6 an hour for the $30
      or 10 * $10 * 0.15 = $16 an hour at the $10

      even with a 15% ROI at the higher limit we only get $9 an hour on average. since SnG's have such low winning potential yet very easy to grind, their power lies in massive multitabling them, thats how I see it.

      by playing 1-2 at a time you might hit a heeter by winning several games in a row, but playing through the downswings is just sick. boku's challenge demonstrates this concept well

      by the way I believe everyone can easily play at least 8 tables. especially an experienced player. you just need to get the right settings and get used to it, and from there you just add more and more tables. you should give it a try to increase your hourly