Hi everyone,

My name is Adrien. I live in Liège, Belgium (Luik for my dutch-speaking friends). I started playing poker two years ago for fun, not really paying attention to strategy. Since this january though, I discovered PS.fr through a friend. I have opened a french blog there. Recently, the athmosphere of the french community deteriorated. Even though I kept a few friends among them, I prefer to enter the English community for this reason : strategic content in french is mostly directly translated from English. As long as I understand english as well as french, I prefer reading strategy from it's original source. Moreover, it seems that hand analysis is way less poluted by people judging your game rather than helping you improving it, so, here I am

I play in a whole bunch of different games :

- BSS NL micro limits (NL5 and NL10 on partypoker and pokerstars)
- SNG 1 table low limit (3 to 10$ on pokerstars)
- SNG MTT micro and low limit (4,40$ 180p, 3,30$ 18p or 27p)

- MTT freerolls live
- MTT from 20 to 100p, buy-in from 10€ to 60€ live
- Casino Cash game, small stakes (blinds 2€/2€) in Belgian casinos (mostly Namur/Namen but also Chaudfontaine and Spa)

Right now, I can say that online, I am a better tournament than cash game player, where the opposite is true in live poker.

I wrote an article about what to know when you switch for the first time from online to live. You can read it in french on my blog. If you want me to translate it in English, I will.

For now, my total winnings live are still modest : 170€/month since january, for a total of about 1350€. I am currently coached by a belgian pro player (Sebastan Banneux) to improve my reading ability and strategic play, in addition of course to reading PS's strategic content.

Online, my "winnings" are unfortunately negative, as I am currently in a downswing (I hope it's a downswing and not a series of leaks... to be comfirmed) I'm about 400$ off and consider seriously going back to the basics : SNG 1$ and SSS micro limits.

I hope you'll enjoy this blog as it builds up.

See you soon