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      :f_mad: :f_mad:

      Had to close all my poker tables before I do something stupid.

      So I went today from 75$ to 45$ in a string of most annoying suckouts ever. I have around 15$ loss on my KKs from this session, around -6$ on JJ, I won't even mention bloody Aks.

      Yeah I'm aware this is all variance(plus probably some bad play near the end as I moved into TILT zone) and eventually if I continue playing this way I should get it all back but 'ARrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GRRRRRRRR'

      :f_mad: :f_mad:

      Okey, I feel better now after writing this down. Thanks to all potential readers. :s_biggrin:
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