Withdraw questions ! please please....

    • alian15
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      Please help me ?
      After i have clear the 150$ bonus at Mansion and i want to withdraw my money -
      Can i withdraw my winning money to my friend 's money booker acc.
      Because i live in vietnam and the goverment in my country they don't accept to tranfer money from gaming. So i think that i could with draw my money to my friend moneybooker acc and then he could tranfer the money to me.
      please help me !
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    • Cpwpoker
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      You won't be able to do so.

      And also before withdrawing you have to send your papers to mansion poker.

      And have deposit before.
    • alian15
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      i'm so confuse. Poker strategy said that if i deposit before i have clear the 150$ bonus , the bonus will be lost right ?

      so i have to withdraw my money to my own moneybooker right ?
      if is there any way else, please help me ?
    • CoreySteel
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      For withdrawing you need to...

      1. Send you documents to Mansion (memberservice@mansion.com). That is scan of your ID or drivers license, and proof of address... Most common is scan of a bank statement.

      2. You need to deposit via same method that you will withdraw money. So if you cleared your starting capital, now is the time to first deposit (something small) with MoneyBookers and after that you can withdraw your whole money.

      3. You can only withdraw/deposit money to your own moneybookers account.

      There are no other (legit) ways.
    • thunderbird56
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      Hello alian15,

      I'm glad to see a Vietnamese player join our community. :)

      Regarding your queries, I can confirm that you can neither cash out at the moment nor withdraw to other people's payment account. You have to accumulate 3,000 MansionPoints before you can withdraw anything. Additionally, you have to send in your ID documents to Mansion and make first deposit with a payment method in YOUR name before you can cash out to the same account.

      Kind Regards,
    • alian15
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      thanks you all.