• richard1817
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      somwtyms when I am opening tables I accidently open a pl table. Is it any less profitable to play SSS on these tables? I find them very fishy as wel compared to the nl... the average pot seems to been high.
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    • RahXephon1
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      I was playing them a lot on lower limits, it shouldn't matter much, sometimes you just need to bet 1 tenth of the pot on a later street, but since you are both pot commited it shouldn't matter much.

      And yes many times they are very fishy.
    • minaysf
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      i like them better than nl as there are usually many more limpers = more blinds after a raise
    • altruist
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      Often it's better to play a PL table. For that reason, I'd recommend them over the regular NL tables.

      Like mina and rah said, they tend to be filled with weaker players (because psychologically they believe with a pot limit they'd lose less money?)

      With a short stack, there's very little disadvantage to playing pot limit. In a way, it makes everyone seem more short stacked which is exactly the circumstances you want with a short stack.
    • RaWRpewpew
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      I love it cos in my experience better because people bet pot so often.. those fish love pressing the button *bet pot*

      so the pots grow really fast even without people going all in!