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Gambler's Little Helper - 0 hand in the database

    • gergo84
      Joined: 10.03.2007 Posts: 650

      I just have installed GLH, but I can't make it import my handhistories. In details:
      1. I have successfully installed it and entered the license key.
      2. I don't have any of the useful poker programs (no PT nor PO), so I selected Gambler's Little Helper Access as "Databanktyp".
      3. I tested it as it is written in the manual, it says that everything is fine.
      4. In the "Importeinstellungen" window, "Automatischer import" tab I selected my handhistories folder, and it seemed that it imports my files.
      5. After it I can see in the "Automatischer Import" window the following:
      Hande in der Datenbank: 0
      Letztes Spiel: (keins)

      What am I doing wrong?
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    • ciRith
      Joined: 25.03.2005 Posts: 18,556
      Hmmm GLH is not up to date so it can't read the new PP hhf orrectly (after their stuipid update ^^)

      here is a little programm which helps until GLH is updated:

      Originally posted by ciRith
      the problem is that partypoker updated (changed) their handhistories and so this rake programm doesn't work anymore :/

      the programmer seems to be inactive so there is no fix update :/

      I know that there is a handhistory changer in the german board which makes the files again readable for the rake programm. I will have a look at it later :)

      EDIT: just read that the programmer is back again and will release an update soon (I will update the post above asap)

      If you can't wait that long use this programm to convert your handhistorys and import them into the rake programm:

      I don't know this programm but here is a little instruction:

      Move the .jar file to your handhistoer folder and double click it (java needs to be installed like the rake programm)

      If this doesn't work open your terminal and type following:

      "java -jar HHKonverter.jar"

      The programm will work in the background (no popup or something like that)

      If nothing happens please rejoin the folder and try it again.

      I don't know if the programm rewrites the files forever so maybe you should make a backup first :)

      Final note from the programmer (translated): The tool is for ad for only. (free translation)

      Thx to genfr0sch
    • gergo84
      Joined: 10.03.2007 Posts: 650
      Thank you, it seems that it works fine.