Button ($400)
SB ($400)
BB ($400)
UTG ($400)
MP1 ($400)
MP2 ($400)
MP3 ($400)
Hero (CO) ($80)

Preflop: Hero is CO with AQo

UTG limps, 3 folds, HERO?

1: as you will notice villain almost only limps monsters utg so should i even play then? and if i do raise should i then fold if he 3bets?

2: same scenario but this time villain is unknown and limps and then 3bets my raise. with what range can i call?

i play no hud but these are the notes i have on villain:

semi steal!
often limpsteal!
often def!
tight 3bet.
ocomplete AQo + c/c down.
limp AA mp1.
raise/call 88 CO.
limp JJ utg (x2).
limp kjo CO.
raise JJ+c/c down midpair.
limp 44 utg.
ccpf AQs BB.
ccpf 99 mp1 + c/c down midpair.
ccpf 82o BU+c/c down TP.
limp/call KQo mp3 + c/c down midpair.
limp/push AKs utg.
limp AQo utg+1.
ccpf T9s BU+c/c down TP.
ccpf/call 97s SBvsBU+BB.
raise/call AJs utg.
ccpf/call push 88 mp3.
limps AA!
limp 98o mp2.
check/raise set.
ccpf AJo mp3.