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NL10 Steals and resteals with SSS

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    • altruist
      Joined: 29.05.2007 Posts: 121
      1. Steals are not as effective as a short stack, primarily because your stack size is less of a threat. Wait until you have enough of a BR for a big stack in my opinion. The same applies to squeezing and re-steals.

      It has been stated by pokerstrategy on SSS, that it primarily works because opponents view you as less of a threat. How could stealing be profitable if this is true?

      2. If you attempt a steal, and your opponent re-raises you, often you're committed and forced yourself to commit money into a -EV situation.

      3. NEVER attempt new strategies while multi-tabling. This is a very effective way to lose money, because you're not paying enough attention to the tables.

      4. You're judging your results based on one day. Poker has huge variance, so assume you were playing perfect strategy, you could end up losing money that day. Until you try it over at least 2000 hands (many would say 10-20k) you do not have remotely accurate data to base whether a strategy works or not.
    • wowadvisor
      Joined: 02.01.2009 Posts: 741
      when i played NL10 i didnt find steals working well.. too many people call and dont even know what steals are..

      i found out the same ... i lost money with steals and resteals!

      in my opinion i would not do it on nl 10 :f_grin:

      there is a gold article and it has a steal reraise chart. so you check their steal % and then it tells u what u can resteal with :f_cool:
    • RaWRpewpew
      Joined: 23.08.2009 Posts: 83
      About them calling.

      You should be restealing with hands above their stealing range, if they fold u win. If they call with hands you dominate then you really win ^^

      So.. one of the reasons why people make so much money at low limits with sss is lots of people dont give u credit for reraising all in.

      Sometimes ure AKo gonna get called by 73s... Then when u win just tell the fish sorry bad luck. So he does it again... this makes more then makes up for when ure AKs gets called by QQ+

      Afterall he made the right play, suited cards is the nuts! :s_biggrin: