equity calldowns

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    • Ejeckt
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      Alright, so I came on the forums this morning just to ask that very question. What a coincidence.

      :P Are there any other equity considerations for when one should raise/3b/cap or anything like that?
    • DarthBobo
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      I used the same formula as in article "Heads-up on the Flop OOP: C/C Flop without initiative - with showdown value".

      I then just made the number of SB generated preflop higher. Plus 2 SB to be exactly.

      Then the required equity is 23-24% to calldown from the flop.
    • ciRith
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      Hi Dawnfall26,

      DarthBobo already gave the correct answer. In the article there is a formula with which you can calculate the needed equity for every potsize. This might be interesting if someone call/folded preflop or so. :)