trying to get to bronze

    • Chess64
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      started an account on stars, used the code. Nothing happened. I am from -ahem- a certain country that frowns on online poker, but I really have learned a TON from thebeginner sng pages and want to learn more. Can someone help me ? i dont even care about the bonus, I just want the info.

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Chess64,

      Well it really depends which country your from, I'll take a wild guess and assume it might be the U.S.?

      I am sorry to say that at the moment we cannot transfer starting capital to players from the U.S. due to the current legal situation in that country. This is why you need to indicate that you are not from the USA when you register.

      If and when the legal situation in the USA changes we hope to also accept US players - but until then there is nothing we can do.

      If in fact your from another nation that frowns on poker, then similar rules would no doubt apply. PokerStrategy is a responsible organisation that takes utmost care of it's members and it's legal responsibilies.

      Sorry we cannot help anymore at this time.

      Best regards,