My poker story, or how I learned to stop worrying and love to fold.

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      Poker has always been in the peripheral of my life, Oftentimes at school, rather than playing kickball, a few guys and I played five card stud with M+Ms for stakes, with a paper plate to keep the pot, with hand ranks scrawled on it.
      I quickly learned this little mnemonic to help replace the oft lost plate:
      "Royalty called the plumber to fix their house's toilet, then lined up the triplets, gave two Pears, and the last one pear."
      I learned to quickly see the difference between the other good players, who came back time and again, and the curious newbies who we quickly taught, agreed on (very generous I must say) exchange rates for their cookies and peanut butter cups, had them buy in to M+Ms, and spent the rest of the recess winning their dessert, or occasionally made a lucky fish happy and full of chocolate.
      Anyway, that ended when I dealt one of the regulars a cold 9 :heart: high straight flush, and the subsequent riot caused the whole thing to be banned.

      Fast forward to the present day. over the last two years, I had an occational day of poker over on triplejack, but nothing too serious. Not sure what exactly hooked me into full time, but I found myself playing more often, just a game when I was watching a show, or to try the nice little freeroll MTTs. I've never gotten first place where all the real prizes go, but close enough, to the point where I start doing research, reading a few poker books in spare time, and after a bit, Joined Carbon poker and ritually joining every freeroll I'm awake for, and a few that I wasn't. (And all 10 daily tickets in Fun step. Got to fun step 3 about once a day, the clowns make it hard to get to Fun step 2 for me. I suck at headsup though, so no free Dollars from that pasttime.)
      nearly a month of that, and suddenly pokerstars gave me two free dollars, even though I only tried it once, and wasn't really impressed with their table client. So I go back there, and carefully over a few days build it into 8 dollars, get unlucky back down to three, and then the following hand happened.

      AK :heart: on the big blind, 5 callers. I check.
      The Flop is AAK. I bet a little, worried everyone would collapse on me from my recent rockishness. they all call, and the button raised a whole dollar. I reraise to all in to get the rest of it, worst case, we split the pot. the rest fold.
      Reveal, he has 22. I laugh in triumph.
      Turn, 2.
      River, 2.
      I stop laughing. I start screaming. :s_o:
      Thus ended my time at pokerstars.

      Determined to Earn my way back into bank, I returned to the freerolls and fun steps, and started to study more. Read Super system, and any article I could manage to dredge from the muck that is internet poker "Guides". The same basic tips over and over, always a precursor to "Buy this program to play for you!" or "OMG DEPOSIT NOW USING MY CODE PLEEZ." :s_evil:
      Anyway, this place gave what the other places promised and didn't deliver, and something no one else even considers offering. (I just sat looking at my account statement rereading it for ten minutes, then figuring out the daily average point balance to get all $150. A tiny, completely doable amount. only Two days, and I've done the first week of work. woo.)

      My Observations of this site are mixed, leaning towards positive.
      Bronze should be awarded as soon as the quiz is mastered. Many of the bronze rated articles are worth studying in depth. The basic articles tell a robot how to play poker. The bronze articles tell a human how to play, and that delay to the deposit would have been better used reading more strategy.

      SSS isn't a revolutionary perfect strategy, for several reasons. The two main ones are predictability when followed verbatum, and a very low profit rate on rooms with rathole protection and a lack of tables that fit the requirements.
      (Partypoker arrrg these NL .05/.10 tables are all tighter than a noose!)
      Letting new players read the next level of articles before jumping into the ocean would seem like a zero risk investment.
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      Hi Catinthewall & welcome to the PokerStrategy community.

      Nice intro, thanks. Ahh I remember similar days in college where we used to play for 1 and 2 pence coins, damn why didn't we think of using m&m's it so obvious now looking back :P

      It's a nice suggestion you put forward and PokerStrategy are constantly reviewing the status levels of articles and adding more & more each week. I think that a lot of the Bronze articles are actually best to learn at the same time as playing, so you can actually see what the article means and test it out for yourself, otherwise just reading stuff by itself can become a little boring, just my own personal view.

      SSS strategy is for a large majority of players just a stepping stone onto other things. As you mentioned, sss teaches new players a basic "script" way of playing and starts to teach them how to think like a poker player. BSS strategy builds on this further and exploits the larger stack more. As your status increases, you will find that there are lots of great articles in the Silver, Gold, Platinum etc sections that really help to develop your thinking and understanding of the game further.

      Once again it's great seeing you join our community and we all look forward to getting to know you better over the coming months.

      Wishing you every success and enjoyment in your poker.

      Best regards,

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      I think you signed up to PS via my blog. So a big thanks. Hope you find the site as useful as I have.

      kind regards