0-10000$? a limit omaha hi-lo story

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      Hi, some of you might still remember me, since last year I had a blog here called: "finally taking it seriously". It was a story about me, trying to play some limit hold-em, hoping to storm through the limits.

      As it turned out, I didn't take it all too seriously, I was playing too many tables, not being fully focussed all the time, etc,etc... The result was that I never really advanced anything, and after experiments with HU sng's, limit hold'em and finally double up sng's, I'm still about break even at titan poker (where I got my 50$ bankroll from pokerstrategy.

      At some point I just gave up, and quit playing less or more entirely, because I was bored with it, however, one of the last thing I did was pretty important: I managed to ship 1.3 $ in a weekly round two freeroll on pokerstars (not tracked) that money kept gathering dust until someday, just for fun, I started up pokerstars and played a few bankroll builder tournaments, and after a few ships I was having something like 2-3 dollars. Again I quit playing, until finaly last month I started to play omaha hi lo limit there, and found it to be very easily beatable, At that moment I decided to start a new blog here, but since I visited the wonderfull city of New York last week with some friends, I decided to postpone the first post until today.

      Currently I have a bankroll of 6.3$ at stars, and something like 60 on titan (I will check on that someday)

      The plan is to focus mainly on playing omaha hi lo at stars, but I might play some double up sng's from time to time at titan, just to become and stay silver at pokerstrategy.

      I'm now going to play some poker, And I hope to update this blog frequently, and with good news.
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