Hi i'm Back !

    • aceonetheriver
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      hellllooooooooooooooooooooooo anyone missed me ! ( who da fck are u lol ) 0.O

      i'm back ! after a long breack ! playin on stars ! HU regular, deep stacks !

      i missed readin PS articles and blogs...well i'l catch it all now....but where is my sliver status :s_cry: i'l work on that in a day or 2 or 3..maybe 4 lol

      i'l get back to my blog as soon as i can...is there any PLO blogs, if no..u guys should write one... i wanna try this type of poker ...

      well now BKR: 320$ playing 5.75$ HU deep stacks on stars!

      :s_biggrin: :f_confused: :s_evil: :s_cool: :f_o: i just miss these smilies :s_love: :s_love: :s_love: :s_love: :s_love: :s_love: :s_love:
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