Hi there guys!
I wanted to start my own blog for quiet some time, but everytime i thought the time is right, i made some silly tilting mistake so i decided to postpone it till my mindset will improve to some stable state.

My name is Tomas, Im from Czech Republic, 20years old, starting to study Uni this year.. Since i am not certain about what i like or what would i like to do in future i am going to attend 2 universities for some short period of time and then decide which one is better.. One is standard, Economy.. and the second one is Politology and International studies... I am not interested in politics, though. I got to the school by fluke, but since its kinda famous Uni, i wanna try out and see what its about.

What do i like ? I like sports, especially football, squash, tennis.. I love poker .. and i love asian countries heh .. ( if u d like to hear more bout that, i have buuuuuunch of staff to talk about, hehe :P ) My poker history... I started to play poker.. wow, like .. mby 2 years ago... but it was just trying out wif free capitals from different websites, lol, its embarassing.. We bought poker chips n cards with my friend ( JuiceQuadre - u might know him ) and some other guys.. We've really been enjoying it so few of us tried our luck on FTP with PS starting capital. At first I was playing SNG's and MTT's sometimes. After few weeks i hit heater which resulted in my addiction for poker. I thought its so easy that i might be doing milions of $ on monthly basis. Anyway, of course after heater u get a downswing and I lost all - didnt follow BRM obviously.

Then after some time I was bored at home and discovered that PS sent me rakebact like 30$ to FTP. I didnt really want to play, cuz I was scared I ll get hurt at the end again.. So i played 2 sngs, reached 56$ and played 50+5$ FR SNG ( cool BRM,right? ). I dont really understand how it happened, but the heater came again and eventhough i didnt have skills, i managed to make like 700$ that evening. I imediately withdrew it and said byebye to online poker with happy feelings. Of course I kept playing every now and then, but mainly for fun. After graduating fron Gymnasium, i had so much free time, that i started playing again on regular basis.. But again I was playing SNGs, which has high variance. Cuz i didnt study anything about poker so I wasnt aware of anything like variance, so after 2 months of heavy grinding I was almost breakeven.

Then the most important thing of my life happened. My best friend , JuiceQuadre started playing cashgame, using PS as his teacher. He studied a lot and made a huge progress in no time. I started to follow his lead, ( i didnt really follow BRM at the beggining) - started with like 50USD on nl10, lol .. But I was determined to quit trying if it wouldnt work out.. Anyway... it did..

Then i got the biggest bonus on the FTP, didnt clear it all, though. And now I am grinding nl20 at Mansion. I was using PokerTracker on FTP, but then my trial expired, so i dont have graphs from there.. And when i was trying to created it in Elephant, i dont know actually what, but i screwed something and the erased database and the hands.. LOL ... sorry for that So, now I have just Mansion results.. I m there like 8 days... so...

And for the end.. I am going to follow JuiceQuadre invention .. ( The VoI staff..hope he doesn't mind :P ) Soooo.. VoI so far : 225 ----------------------------------------------------------