Help with bonus code

    • saaka7
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      I finially made the quiz, but I forgotted to add the bonus code or I didn't know where to add this. When i go to casher or want to sit in table, then comes error Internal Error (71/873). Please contact Include the abouve Internal Error number in your correspondence.
      I send a email to pokerstars support too, but the answer didn't come.
      I hope you can help me,
      Neal Daniels
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey saaka7,

      Welcome to Pokerstrategy and Congratulations on passing the quiz.

      Entering your bonus code is very important so unfortunately we are unable to track that certain account.
      If you wish, send an email to to try rectify the problem but re-tracking is very rare from Pokerstars.

      Please choice from another poker room.

      As for that Internal Error (71/873), contacting Pokerstars support would be your best chance on this problem being fixed.
      Pokerstars support is usually very quick <24hrs.