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from 10 handed to 6 handed DONS

    • SuperSeanE
      Joined: 11.09.2009 Posts: 48
      First some background. I am currently playing most of the time on titan poker. I am moving to pokerstars at the end of the month although I have started playing the 20 DONS on pstars with some success.

      I am collecting 320000 titan points to enable me to cash them in for a 4000 dollar instant bonus. I will be there by the end of the month. wahooo.

      Because I want to move to stars I have started multitabling different games which I can collect titan points at a higher amount per hour. This is because doing this I will be able to move by the end og the month.

      I have positive roi results for 1000s of games at 10 and 20 dollar DONS that are 10 handed. Playing 9 at a time

      I have just moved to thr 6 handed DONS 20 dollar and I am playing 9 at a time but they take less time to finish and therefore I can fit more in. Also the traffic is better so i do not have to play any 10 dollar games. I intend only to play these until the end of the month.

      I use Sharkscope HUD and Pokertracker HUD to make my decidions in these DONs.

      I would like some tips about how to play these 6 handed games at the 20 dollar level on ipoker. I would like some info on the subtle diferences in how to play these 6 handed DONs.

      Basically I have:
      1)widened my raising range
      2)Widenend my 3 betting range
      3)Loosened my all in calling range in any position and in sb vs bb situations
      4)I have tightened up my my limping range as the 6 handed games seem to be looser and more aggressive and I hate putting money in and folding to a raise.

      I have noticed that 90% of the players at 20 dollar 6 handed DONs on ipoker seem to have -ROI which is superb. They call all ins 4 handed way to light and tend to bust each other so much more easily then at the 10 handed games which are more infested with regualrs like myself.

      Any help would be much appreciated. I am confident that I could figure out a strategy for these but I am only statying on them for a few weeks and would like some instant help.

      I have played 800 6 handed DONs at 20$ so far with an average profit of 2$ and a 10%roi. Which I am very happy about regardless of it being a small sample
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    • Jaroz007
      Joined: 10.06.2007 Posts: 4,826
      Sorry, but this thread really does not belong in the Hand Evaluation Forum. I hope it can be moved by a mod to the SNG strategy discussion Forum.
      What you write sound really good and well thought and I think with your effort you should be able to beat the 6max DoNs longterm.
      I agree that the Players there are pretty poor and generally call too light, but these also have a lot of variance, way more than the fullring DoNs.
    • whateverdude
      Joined: 01.02.2009 Posts: 232
      All sounds good and as previous poster said, well thought, but one thing bothers me...why the heck leave this goldmine to go to super reg infested PStars DoNs ?
      On the other hand, if you are playing only 9 tables at a time, you won't have trouble exploiting the too tight play of most regs at stars, but still the 6 max DoNs at ipoker sound like a true goldmine, and I am actually considering finally giving ipoker a try only because of them!
    • SuperSeanE
      Joined: 11.09.2009 Posts: 48
      just an update if anyone is interested. I have moved up to the 30 dollar games. I am still winning which is the main point. I think im going to stay on these 6 handed double ups for a while. If any one comes across SuperSeanE at the tables say Hi.

      so far with the 6 handed games at 20 and 30 dollar over 1000 games at an roi of 8% wahoo.
    • donroops
      Joined: 08.04.2009 Posts: 49
      Just wondering how you found the move from 10 to 6 handed. Any adjustments to your game? I can't see it to be too different to be honest. What have you noticed about them?
    • hoffee
      Joined: 29.11.2008 Posts: 89
      The only way you need to adapt your game is to steal blinds more frequently in later stages.
    • SuperSeanE
      Joined: 11.09.2009 Posts: 48
      Sorry Hoffee
      I completely disagree

      These games are so differnet that normal DONS.
      I friend of mine with a 10% roi over 1000s of 10 handed DONs is a big loser over 1000s of games at 6 handed at the same stakes. He cannot seem to adjust in the neccessary ways.

      The 6 handed are completely different.

      For one thing most DON players understand that 10 handed on the 6 handed buble it is often -ev to call an all in with less than 80% fav roughly due to the equity spread and the flat payout structure. In 6 handed I call a much wider range on all ins.

      Secondly there are nearly no winning regualrs across the ipoker 6 handed DONs for 20 30 and 50 dollar except myself and 3 other players (i have sharkscope HUD) So our game strategy in the early stages is completly different. The very tight aa kk etc in early levels just does not apply as I feel that in playing loose against players far worse than me in early stages I can use my superior skills to make +ev decisons playing weaker hands. This is because many of the players have roi's worse than 10\% and cannot fold top pair even in the first 3 levels.

      Also you say that you ahve to move all in more in later stages. This is true but it is much more about our chip stacks than our cards. In 10 handed there is more of an emphasis on moving in later positoin with strongish hands whereas 6 handed I tend to move against certain types of players colour coded from my hud who have appropriate chip stack sizes.

      I feel that any player who has read a few articles and has a very basic understanding of preflop poker play can make money playing 10 handed dons playing 12 at a time. This is not the case in 6 handed games. I better understanding of poker is needed. Especially a better understanding of ranges perceived ranges of ourselves and our opponents and most importantly post flop play. As we see many more flop 6 handed.

      For me 6 handed DONs in early to mid stages are completly differnet from 10 handed. For me a player who is solid winner at 6 handed DON has t have more to there games than a regualar 10 handed winner.

      I like both forms but this post is not to look down on 10 handed as this is alo a passion of mine but to warn any players that just because they win the 10 handed games does not mean that they are well eqiuped for the 6 handed game
    • Wurble
      Joined: 04.04.2009 Posts: 457
      Originally posted by SuperSeanE

      I like both forms but this post is not to look down on 10 handed as this is alo a passion of mine but to warn any players that just because they win the 10 handed games does not mean that they are well eqiuped for the 6 handed game
      Lol yes, a lesson I am quickly learning. I was comfortable 10-handed on stars. Now, on Ipoker playing 6-handed i'm struggling. I think I need to open my range up ALOT.
    • SuperSeanE
      Joined: 11.09.2009 Posts: 48
      hi wurble
      Id say:
      raise with more hands
      3 bet with more hands
      call more all ins on the bubble- but still tight
      move all in with wider range in later stages
      locate the donks and avoid their bb when planning steals later on
      find the regualars and move on their bb
    • SuperSeanE
      Joined: 11.09.2009 Posts: 48
      best thing to do is post some hands and I will try and give you some insight into the decision making proccess for 6 handed DONs