[NL20-NL50] AQs Nl50

    • lekarz20
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      NL Holdem $0.50(BB) Replayer
      SB ($83.40)
      BB ($57.20)
      UTG ($39.77)
      CO ($60.06)
      Hero ($52.80)

      Dealt to Hero A:club: Q:club:

      UTG calls $0.50, CO raises to $2.25, Hero calls $2.25, fold, fold, UTG calls $1.75

      FLOP ($7.50) J:heart: 4:club: A:spade:

      UTG checks, CO bets $6.50, Hero calls $6.50, UTG folds

      TURN ($20.50) J:heart: 4:club: A:spade: 3:diamond:

      CO bets $15, Hero calls $15

      RIVER ($50.50) J:heart: 4:club: A:spade: 3:diamond: 5:spade:

      CO bets $30, Hero calls $29.05 (AI)

      CO tag 21/17 af 3 wts 32 w$sd 44%

      He could isolated with wide range but the range on river is narrow what do you think about fold on river becouse i dont see card that i beat.
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    • AninIII
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      according to his stats he looks like a decent tag.
      Is he capable of bluffing 3 streets?
      If not I assume that he had something like JJ, AJ, AA, AK, because of his way to put you all-in on the river AND because of 3-betting preflop against UTG.
      The problem is, if you call preflop and he barrels you never know where you stand as AQ is a trouble hand.
      So maybe you could 3-bet it to 7-7.5$ preflop and fold to a shove from that guy.
      Let's see what the judges think.

      Best regards,
    • Mstlc
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      Hmm, though one. I would call behind pre-flop as well cause raising will flush all worse hands out of his range & keep most better ones.

      Raising anywhere post-flop would be overplayed & would yet again flush out worse hands & keep all the hands that beat you.

      It's hard to say what I would do here but I don't think you're beating much on the river anymore , I don't think he barrels 3 streets with AT & A9 so I'm pretty much expecting to see at least TPTK, AJ for two pair or a set here.
    • Kaitz20
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      3-betting pf seems like better option
      flop and turn are fine, but players shouldn´t fire 3 streets with weaker hands than your so imo you can fold river