Elephant only works for short period???

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      Hi guys

      I have recently started using the elephant software. I'm pretty happy with it, but it only works for a short period and then doesn't react or update my hud. After playing for about 40 minutes or so it just crashes for no apparent reason. When I click the tray icon nothing happens. The hud is still displayed but not updated.

      This is pretty annoying because I have to ctrl/alt/del, end task and restart the elephant multiple times during my sessions.

      I am using an old computer at the moment, a Pentium3 800mhz, 256KB, 133mhz with windows 2000. I am quite sure this is part of the problem, but if anybody has a way to fix this problem, I would be really happy.

      Edit: I play on Partypoker on 4 or 6 tables. It seems that elephant works a little longer when I play 4 tables. When I play 6 tables, it crashes very quickly.

      Thanx in advance

      Kind regards TXFO
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