Quiz of the Week: A Colourful Mix

    • awishformore
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      Hello fellow strategists!

      This week's edition of our weekly quiz covers all kings of situations in the world of Fixed Limit - in all of them, you have to face unknown opponents, though.

      While most previous quizzes dealt with a specific set of strategy topics, this week's edition ranges from flop situations over tricky river spots to slowplay - and a whole lot more interesting Fixed Limit topics.

      In every hand, you have to face off against an unknown opponent though - what is the best line in these spots, without reads or stats to base your decision on?

      Seeing how you will be up against unknown opponents during most hands on the micro and lower limits, this quiz is the perfect way to test whether you've got what it takes to beat the game.

      Do you master your lines?

      If you are new to our weekly quizzes, you can take a look at the previous Fixed Limit edition here:

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