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      Little about me.. My real name is Edgars. Im from Latvia. I'm 20 years old. Im a student. :P

      At the moment I am waiting for a capital like 40h, but it is 8 working hours. So Ill need to wait for another week atleast (48 working hours) or 2 weeks 1 day (96 working hours) for it, am I wrong?

      I had 1 little question about PartyPoker.. I filled all what PokerStrategy said(atleast I think I did) but PartyPoker dont allow me to take a part of Freerolls, becouse my Real Money account isnt activated, but when I am trying to do it, they opens page were I can just deposit money. I should start worry or it is ok like that? If all is ok then Ill countinue quietly wait and read PokerStrategy again and again till Ill know all in a middle of the night, what I can read at this moment ;)


      I wanted to ask that pdf file wich has being used in http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/1782 if thats posible.
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