Poker strategy Points question

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    • PhantomR32
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      Tournaments have buy in fees, for instance at Pokerstars, I play the $10 SnG's, but they're actually $10+1.

      The $1 is the tournament fee ("rake") and since it's 5VPP per $ I get 5VPP, and this translates to 2,5 PSP.
    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello booger6o4,

      In SnG's and MTT's there usually something called a fee. When looking at a SnG or Tourney ticket price it will usually say $1.00 + $0.10. This bit in bold (+ $0.10) is the rake you pay to play the SnG.

      Depending on the site, and here i will take Full Tilt Poker where you receive 2 SP (strategy points) for every $1 in rake, you will receive a certain amount of strategy points for the rake you pay. So if you played at Full Tilt you would recieve 0.2 SP for every $1 + $0.10 SnG/Tourney you play.

      Hope this helps!

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