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    • yankee92
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      Hey there! I just wanted to point out a doubt i have, i'm currently not playing poker lately due to RL issues, but i will soon make a deposit and get back on track. Is there any max inactivity time before my account gets desactivated here and my rakeback is gone? Or does this not exist at all?

      Just wanted to know this i'd be thankfull to anyone that can answer this.

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    • excelgeo
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      i think that it is not affected as long as you have been playing, deposited and reached over $10 at some point.

      im sure eaglestar will show up soon to confirm.
    • Cpwpoker
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      It is 25$ +.

      If you get your no deposit bonus of 50$ it should be ok no need to deposit to keep getting tracked by PS.As 50$ is more than 25$.

      Else if you make a first deposit of 10$ you must reach 25$ within 60 days.

      I think i'm right but this information is not present on the forum..
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi yankee92 & welcome back :)

      I'm pretty sure that once you've got a tracked account through PokerStrategy, you would continue to enjoy all of the benefits including rakeback permanently with no time limit.

      The only proviso is as cpwpoker & excelgeo have already kindly mentioned, you need to have had at least $25 in your account at some stage within 60 days of set up, through either PokerStrategy's own starting capital or a deposit of your own funds.

      You should therefore be ok, however if after 2 or 3 weeks of playing you don't receive any rakeback payments, drop support a ticket and ask them to check.

      Just a last (cheeky) thought, Full Tilt don't tend to do reload bonuses very often, but if you haven't played on there for quite a while, you could of course try contacting their own support team and cheekily ask for a matching bonus or some sort of bonus for starting to play again. Whilst they are of course under no obligation to provide this and will in all probability decline, might be worth a quick email, you never know ;)
      N.B. If they do give you a bonus, this will need to be cleared first before any rakeback payments come through.

      Hope this helps, any problems just shout, all members here are keen to help fellow members as you probably remember from before.

      Good to have you back, good luck,