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    • gadget51
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      I joined Cake through this site but withdrew and want to move to Party Poker. MY details will be the same except I want to use a different Visa Card for deposits and withdrawals, as I want to keep my poker BR separate from my daily account. Is it allowable that I use my partners Visa to set up an avccount on Party Poker? Will using a different card but same email etc affect my strategy membership?

      Thank you if you can advise.
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    • opal99
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      It won't affect strategy points you earn on this site (as long as you register through this site ofc), but you will get yourself into a lot of trouble in short and long term.

      If you use your name, your email address etc, you HAVE to use your own credit card too or your account will be (hopefuly just) temporarily blocked and you will have to prove that it's your partner what may take few days or even weeks if they are lazy...

      So my advice is: don't do that! Not just because of what I mentioned as there may be other problems (even more dangerous sometimes)...
    • EagleStar88
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      Edited: opal got there first ;)

      Totally agree with opal, will just cause problems later, especially when trying to withdraw.

      Could also consider something like moneybookers or neteller or something (sorry not sure which are allowed by party) if you want to keep totally separate from your real life accounts.

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    • gadget51
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      Ok thank you very much for the HU both. I'll maybe use Moneybookers or just stick with the original way.
      Thanks again.