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Video from Bogdan1190

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    • ciRith
      Joined: 25.03.2005 Posts: 18,556
      Ok it's really hard to view but I give it a try.

      0:18, UL: 87s can be called here after you already posted the blind as it plays very well postflop and you can expect to get a few more callers behind you.

      3:18, UR: I think with seconds pair you can risk a flopbet. Against resistance you fold else you continue.

      6:24, UR: Isn't A6s an openraise here? :)

      7:04, BR: You should bet/fold here. A flush arrived so he can't bluff that anymore. He can call some worse pairs.

      7:18, UR: After 3 callers you can call here as well with T9s.

      12:36, BR: Check/fold turn? Just keep betting and calldown to a raise.

      15:20, UR: Toppair topkicker and a nutflushdraw is clear raise for me on the flop. Even cap if possible. The pot is very big so I would even call the river.

      22:00, UL: I like bet/fold here more. If he has a 7 he bets it anyways but he may call some worse hands (A-high, Q-high or worse pairs).

      24:40, BR: You need to continuation bet here.

      25:12, UL: You can valuebet/fold the river. An 8 or better pocketpairs are unlikely, a Q possible but after one check not that likely as well but 7 may call. Not a lot but enough to bet in my opinion.

      29:30, BR: I bet the flushdraw even if the flop is paired.

      30:24, UL: 82o is no openraise. After raising preflop you have to bet the flop.

      35:30, UR: He shows weakness so bet the flop and try to get him off.

      43:54, UL: I think you should bet the turn too. Sure a 4 has a straight but you have toppair and an OESD so you don't have to fear the 4 that much.

      46:20, UL: A5o could be an openraise here so don't check "Fold" before they even acted. :)

      You sometimes wrote something in the chat but I couldn't read it sorry. :/

      Don't use autoaction except for folding preflop as it may give out a read on you. If you do it always with strong hands very you don't have to think about your action you automatically are slow with weak hands where you are unsure of how to act so they can exploit you very easily with that read.