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UB Raise loyalty program a sham and a scam!

    • rudidso
      Joined: 15.07.2009 Posts: 27
      Hey guys....i am posting a conversation I had with UB live chat Help
      I called on them because I played raked hands on UB without receiving any Staus points towards my bonuses.
      What i learned from them severely disappointed me in what they offer and I feel cheated even though Russ Hamilton did not look at my cards
      Here is the transcript of the conversation:

      Welcome! An online representative will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 10 seconds. Thank you for waiting.
      You are now chatting with 'Jaime'

      Jaime: Hello, thank you for contacting our Deposit Center! May I please have your email address?

      Jaime: Thanks! How may I help you today?

      Rudi: just wondering if i am earning any status points
      Rudi: i have played only 72 hands but your chart says that for every 15 raked hands i earn one point

      Jaime: Let me transfer you to the support dept
      Jaime: One moment please

      Rudi: ty

      Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.
      You are now chatting with 'Tech Specialist'
      Tech Specialist: Thank you for contacting Ultimate Bet Technical Support.
      Tech Specialist: This is Arthur, What can I do for you?

      Rudi: just wondering if i am earning any status points
      Rudi: i have played only 72 hands but your chart says that for every 15 raked hands i earn one point

      Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.
      You are now chatting with 'Martin'
      Martin: Thank you for contacting our Support Department, this is Martin

      Rudi: just wondering if i am earning any status points
      Rudi: i have played only 72 hands but your chart says that for every 15 raked hands i earn one point

      Martin: let me check
      Martin: we just reviewed your account and it shows that you do not have any status points towards the bonus
      Martin: note that the 15 raked hands must be in the same session
      Martin: and you must contribute to the pot

      Rudi: so if i play 14 hands and quit, then it doesnt count even if i came back an hour later to play more
      Martin: right

      Rudi: how do i keep track of these raked hands that way i do not miss out on the points?

      Martin: the only way is contacting us

      Rudi: your website says:With RAI$E, you'll find it easier than ever to earn valuable rewards that go a cut above most other online poker rooms.
      Rudi: how can u stand by that when on other sites u do get partial credit
      Rudi: its seems way tougher than other online rooms
      Rudi: it would take forever to contact u to get that info every session

      Martin: releasing bonuses may appear to be difficult, once you distinguish between the different tables, SnGs and tournaments that award points faster, bonuses can actually be released in the specified period without any trouble.

      Rudi: so am i being pushed to play sng's even if i am a cash player

      Martin: no, that is just another option to earn points

      Rudi: i am talking about no limit cash games only
      Rudi: how do u guys propose to help me earn my points without having to guess how many of the 15 nands needed i have played
      Rudi: without having to ask u every session as well

      Martin: unfortunately the only way is contacting us, the software does not have a counter of the rake hands

      Rudi: how many raked hand did i play this session?

      Martin: what is the table number?

      Rudi: i dont know.....i quit the table when i was done

      Martin: please hold
      Martin: according to our records you were playing in table 13015908 and you raked and contributed to the pot in 13 hands

      Rudi: so technically i could play for years on UB....leave before the 15 hands are raked per session and therefore not earn even a single point?

      Martin: right, the 15 hands must be in the same session

      Rudi: and what is considered a session according to you guys? i have to ask because things that are standard on other sites seem not to be the same here

      Martin: if you are playing in a table and then you leave, that is a session

      Rudi: what if you were multitabling 4 the cumulation of all the 4 tables count for the 15 hands or is it 15 hands per table per sitting?

      Martin: 15 hands per table

      Rudi: wow....u guys are amazing
      Rudi: how often do people contact you for this particular reason find out how many hands they have raked per table?
      Rudi: and what is the average response time?

      Martin: not often, and it depends on the amount of tables they play in

      Rudi: most people must have given up on your raise program in that case. in any case, i doubt it. and the average wait?

      Martin: it the depends on the amount of hands the player have played and the amount of tables, it could take 2 to 5 minutes

      Rudi: geez.....i'd say thanks for your help but it wasnt really any case at least i got answers


      I really dont know how to feel right now? Is this really true? and if so how do they get away with it?

      Does UB really care about their players or should the Russ Hamilton event be a gauge as to what these guys are really about.....making money for themselves at the player's expense.

      I am hoping to get any feedback reagrding this from UB/Non-UB players and hopefully someone from UB might have the balls to respond to this if people commenting unfavorably grows to a number that they cant ignore!

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    • kingdippy2008
      Joined: 30.08.2008 Posts: 2,107
      Hello ruddidso,

      I moved this from the blog section to general discussion because you said you want the views of any non ub members as well!

      Best regards,

    • opal99
      Joined: 05.02.2008 Posts: 8,270
      It sucks :(

      If it's as he told you, you shouldn't even think about getting any bonuses ever. All rooms give you points according to the amount of played hands and it doesn't matter whether it happens at the specific table or not.. don't even split them into separate sessions (it wouldn't be big problem as they don't make the difference between 1-tabling and 12 tabling)...

      But to be honest, I don't believe they will give a fuck about what we think as PS is not affialiate and won't become ever... so just leave them... :)
    • csnmf
      Joined: 22.11.2006 Posts: 444
      UB is not a great room, used to play there quite a bit, but basically being forced to play on BBJ tables at NL50 is not my idea of fun. 9% interest rate on your bankroll is a pretty interesting promotion though.

      I was considering moving back as i'll be moving to Asia and the current site i play at wouldn't really suit the time zone but i guess i won't anymore.