Question about Titan poker promotion

    • tgrb68
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      If i use the Titan poker promotion, do i get into the "vip club" as bronce level instantly? or do i have to play and generate some rake amount first?

      in Titan poker, the rake of a SnG table generates the same as a tournament? i see a "point accumulation at ring games" table and a "point accumulation at tournaments" table. so, am i correct if i asume that a $1 fee at a SnG table is the same as a $1 fee at a tournament?

      I ask this because im actually playing $11 SnG's .....

      at partypoker that is 2 partypoints for each table i got in, and at the end i'll get 2 PSP for each table.

      at Titan poker, and if what i just said is correct, i'll get 18 titan poker points for each table and if you give 1 PSP for every 4 titan poker points that means i'll get 4.5 PSP for each table i get in.

      that is A LOT of difference

      thanks for your help
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    • Stefan1000
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      You missunderstood something.

      You are getting 4PSPs for $1 rake on titan. But of course that is almost a simular result when we talk about $11 SNGs. So when the rake is $1 you will get 4 PSP's for one SNG you play.

      You can calculate that very easily it doesnt matter if you are playing a SNG or a tournament.

      Actually i am not quite used to the titan poker VIP status and stuff like that. But i can tell you that titan poker has a very very good support. So perhaps you should just write an email to Titan. I can ask some people tomorrow from our support and see if they have a clue but i can not guarantee anything.

      Best regards,
    • tgrb68
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      thanks Stefan for your post.

      Indeed i misunderstood a bit, now i got it.