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comited to pot?

    • Leito99
      Joined: 27.07.2009 Posts: 754
      At what point are you commited to the pot???
      lets say you have pocket queens in SSS 5/10cblinds in MP and you have a limper....
      so you raise to 50c and next 3 people call and so does the small blind and the limper folds
      so at this point the pot is 2.70 and you have 1.50 left...
      the flop is K 9 6 rainbow and the blind checks....
      what do you do now?
      go all in even if there is an overpair or hope you get a free showdown and fold otherwise
      so what does the ratio of stack pot has to be for you to be commited to the pot
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    • lennonac
      Joined: 02.05.2009 Posts: 1,421
      I think multiway you should stick to playing straight forward
    • Renmerb
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 165
      With 3 people behind I think you have to play check/fold.
      The chance at least one of them has a king is probably quite high.
      The small blind may even have a king waiting for your c-bet.

      Horrible when this happens, but one caller can often set off a chain reaction.

      I would hate to c-bet in this situation and get called by a rag K.
    • Jdz
      Joined: 16.03.2008 Posts: 64
      You're definitely not committed, c/f.

    • ManoloB99
      Joined: 16.09.2009 Posts: 88
      You were fish swarmed and must now lay down the hand. Noone respected your raise and you are way out of position. The flop looks very unfavorable to you and if you go all in, you cant expect the one opponent holding K to fold.

      Just check/fold and try again. It is not out of the ordinary that someone actually did call your raise with a real hand like an AK for example. Remember that you still could get lucky and everyone else checks giving you another chance at a set.