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      :s_mad: Party poker takes my entry fee's, but the software will not allow me to even see a table.
      I am connected to party but that doesn't matter, no table will take focus.
      I sent an e-mail; complaint to info@, and tech@partypoker.com,but I was spammed by info@partypoker,and sent an excuse by xxx.
      WHOTF is xxx and why are they responding to my security complaint.
      I also had a serious problem with info@partypoker.com, sending e-mails to the wrong registered e-mail address.
      It seems that party pokers response to my complaints are to steal my enrty fees, and spam me as a response!
      Is party poker connected to microgaming? or are they thier own crimminal organization.

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      Although you didnt link, the site you mentioned is not an affiliate of PokerStrategy.com so i removed the name.

      Im not sure how they relate to your post though. I would advise just contact Party Support like you have as they are most likely to help with your problem.

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