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    • Intuitive
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      Simple question...

      This site states that for every two FPP's I earn on PokerStars I will get 1 Strategy point here on PokerStrategy

      However, after earning my first 10 FPP's yesterday, still I have 0 Stratergy points here on PokerStrategy

      Is there some sort of delay? or is something not synced up with my account?

      Thank you,

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    • opal99
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      It may take up to few days to update the points.

      and btw: it's 1 Strategy point for every 2 VPP not FPP...
    • Intuitive
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      Are VPP's not the same as FPP's? How do I look at how many VPP's I have on stars? TY, Its been 3 days now also and balance is still zero?
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Intuitive,

      There are sometimes a short delay between earning points and them being fully tracked back to PokerStrategy from the respective platform. You can check the latest update date on your home page (top right):

      All the points will be recorded however so you will not lose out in any way, they will be updated shortly.

      Regarding PokerStars VPP's & FPP's these can both be checked via the Lobby Cashier:

      FPP > PokerStars Cashier
      VPP > PokerStars Cashier > VIP Status

      Hope this helps, Best regards,