where o where, stats

    • boschman123
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      i cant find it, searched the whole site for it.

      i have seen , some weeks ago, an artical about the statnumbers to define the different styles of players. it gave the statistical numbers of tags, lags , callingstations and many more.

      tnx in advance if someone can help me out by putting up the link
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    • ciRith
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      TAG: 24/20/2+ (Short handed) 18/8 (Full ring .. no sure here)
      fish: 40+/10-/1-
      lag: 35+/20+/2+
      maniac: 40+/35+/2+ (depends on his play not alsone on his stats)
      LP: 20-/10-/1

      all short handed (the most are for fullring too)
      + = and more
      - = and less

      As you asked for them I think you know what they mean :)

      just estimates guesses how I think it could be :)