endless flow of low useless cards!!

    • Sinnology
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      Hello friends.
      I just finished my session of 2$ 1T SNG T (pretty unsuccessfully tho) and noticed that I get panic attacks when I run on seemingly endless flow of low cards, in middle or late stages of tournament.
      I had like 15 or so very bad cards that I couldnt do nothing with them except to throw them away, but aslo my panic grew with that.
      Eventually I felt I have to do something and went all in with J8o and lost.
      I also become pretty sad and frustrated when I get bad beat, and usally on the scale, that my mental state goes down and I pretty much consider tournament as lost one, despite the fact that I still have about 6-10 BB left.

      After finishing tournaments(which in cases described abouve is not ITM), I feel need to play some more, but I walk away from computer, to prevent some more loses.

      So my question is, what is your mindset in those situations and what is ideal course of action one should take after experiancing something like that.

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    • DarkNeo1
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      Try playing some MTT's and going card dead for 1-2 hours and you will see what card dead really is.
      Seriously though all you can do is be patient and play according to ICM.
      Also maybe read some of the psychology articles in the strategy section.
    • lennonac
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      Hi Sinnilogy,

      This can happen in STT's now and then, but try not to think of one STT as "The Result" It is just one game of many, Think of it as 50-100 hands. You wouldnt tilt or get upset in a cash game if things didnt go well for 100 hands and sometimes STT's just dont the way you want.

      Regards the beats preflop you are never that far ahead, load up the Equilator and have a play around with some hands.

      Good luck
    • Renmerb
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      I always find that a good mental state is crucial for playing SNG, you need to play with confidence. So you are right to walk away when you feel down.
      With that said, try not to let it get you so down in the first place! You need to be able to handle this, as it will happen a lot!

      Learn to take position and chipstack into account.
      Download the ICM trainer and this will teach you when to push your chips in, and when to call an all-in. You'd be surprised how much you can open up your push and call range in certain situations.
    • gadget51
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      Sounds like you're in fear of blinding out and we've all been down that road. As suggested, learn about ICM, it's crucial to SnG success imo. Watch the coachings for SnGs and see how many times the coach goes all in with apparently trash cards, even seemingly with plenty of chips. You will see how many times they steal the blinds doing it, but you will also see how many times they get called and get out. The main thing is that they are showing you how to make the correct decisions at the right time, win or lose. Learning this will take away the panicky feeling. To quote an SnG coach; 'Decision correct, result irrelevant.'
      Have fun.