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[NL2-NL10] 66 - sets villain push on turn NL5

    • Cpwpoker
      Joined: 04.06.2009 Posts: 749
      Hand converted with online hand converter:

      Play hand

      $0.02/$0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (9 handed)

      Known players:

      Preflop: Hero is UTG2 with 6, 6.
      UTG1 folds, Hero calls $0.05, 3 folds, CO raises to $0.22, 3 folds, Hero calls $0.17.

      Flop: ($0.51) 6, 8, A (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO bets $0.30, Hero raises to $0.60, CO calls $0.30.

      Turn: ($1.71) J (2 players)
      Hero bets $1.00, CO raises to $4.25, Hero calls $3.25.

      River: ($10.21) 4 (0 players)
      Hero gets uncalled bet back.

      Final Pot: $6.96.
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    • kosmonaut111
      Joined: 26.01.2009 Posts: 715
      preflop I would raise this one, but limp is also OK.
      On fop think of check/calling or check/raising (donk is possibe, but I am not sure if it is better than first two). I would checkraise here quite strong. 3-4 times his raise. bet/call turn.
    • dingdeng
      Joined: 16.06.2009 Posts: 1,178
      I would reraise to 1.2 at least on flop, there were 2 hearts ,I would not give him any chance to draw his flush

      push on turn is OK~~I would not give up this hand even he got AA

      And I think CPwpoker is right, we should raise pf
    • Cpwpoker
      Joined: 04.06.2009 Posts: 749
      I don't like to raise preflop with weak pair.

      66 is a weak pair and not worth a re-raised or raised pf except on late to steal blind.It is full ring and i'm on utg2 xD i played it badly should have fold preflop lol from the bss chart.

      Just my opinion xD

      Anyway with weak pair you just call 20.If you hit your set you try to stack them else you fold from a raise or try to get the pot if you weak pair is dominating the board.

      Yup i should have raised him 3x at least.
    • kosmonaut111
      Joined: 26.01.2009 Posts: 715
      You are right that small PPs usually dont stand a 3bet but also TT or 99 cant stand a 3bet (these hands I think you raise from UTG).

      Also if someone raises and you limp/call , hit your set and then checkraise , a thinking opponent will put you on set quite easily.

      But the biggest advantage of raising small PPs preflop is , that you take very often the pot down uncontested without a hit.

      But as I said, I think limp/calling is also fine.
    • maya1984
      Joined: 18.12.2008 Posts: 1,741

      preflop: Correct me if I'm wrong your limp/call range = { small PP }
      That's predictable, good opponents will catch up very quickly. Raise it up instead of limp/calling. Like kosmonaut111 said sometimes you will take the pot pf without even hitting a set. Anther advantage is when you play HU postflop you can take the pot with a cbet by representing an OP, or TPTK on ace/face cards boards.

      flop: If it's two opponents I would donk this drawy. since you are HU c/r is fine. Raise to at least 1.1$. you give him good odds to call with any draw.

      turn: easy bet/call
    • Cpwpoker
      Joined: 04.06.2009 Posts: 749
      Everytime with pocket pair i should raise?

      4BB raised?

      And if there is a raised behind what should i do xD ?Fold if i can't call 20?

      Sory i may sound dumb but was following more or less strictly by the BSS chart and was thinking if i raised preflop with PP and some1 raised me back i won't be able to call 20 and will be forced to fold.

      Ah by thinking the other way.

      If i raised preflop only good hands will 3-bet me so it will avoid me to get to difficult situation?If some1 3-bet me after i raised with my pp I just fold?

      And if some1 raised before i play by the chart and call 20?

      ah and lastly even with limper behind i should raised?

      I'm right?
    • kosmonaut111
      Joined: 26.01.2009 Posts: 715
      Usually there isnt so much 3betting preflop in microlimit FR games. So you dont have to worry so much.

      There are fishes who often min3bet you - its an easy call for set value.

      But when a decent player 3bets you correct amount, you have to really look your implieds. If you get here beow 1:10, its a clear fold for me. it gets closer when its 1:13 , and I usualy call 1:15. Thats because you can calculate more implieds in 3bet pot (opponent has there often KK, AA, QQ and wants to go broke unimproved).

      Also you can call more easily if someone coldcalled villains 3bet before you.

      But you are right, usually HU 100BB deep you have to lay your PP down against a 3bet.