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Where am I going wrong?

    • tommi91
      Joined: 11.05.2007 Posts: 21

      Recently I have posted some problems of mine, but they still keep coming up.

      Now the main problem of mine is losing money. Everytime I play I win something but at the end I'm like -4$. I do what the SHC says but my problem is that when I have good hand, I ath the beginning cap (AKo) then comes the flop, I hvae already put 40c and the flop shows me J26, my opponent raises, I'm watching that I don't have anything then I fold. But it's very common that these thing happen and that's why I loose most of the money.

      And then are those situation where I have top pair and I bet and raise. If my opponent calls or bet's when will I fold? Will I fold if there are flush draw, straight draw, change of triple or smth. like that.

      And then is most common situation where I don't know what to do.
      first I get 44 (or some small pocket), then some opponents call and flop shows 969. Now I assume that nobody has 3 nines, but still my second pair is lower than anything on the flop. In most cases opponent bets, what shall I do?

      Oh, and another question related to the SHC. If I have let's say JTs and i'm early position, it says call, let's say I call and then somebody raises. What shall I do then. And if someone raises and SHC shows raise, do I raise over that raise (and if he raises and my hand isn't cap hand what then?).

      Thanks for your attention,
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    • howard182
      Joined: 30.10.2006 Posts: 416
      Completely inexpert opinion from a NL player rather than a fixed limit player here, but most of your problems sound like they stem from a lack of awareness of pot odds as you didn't even mention the size of the pot in any of them. Folding too much in big pots is very expensive in LHE, your decent hand is sometimes good. The JTs example is the same as most of your postflop hands, if your call for one bet was right then a call for another bet is even better, especially if you're closing the action. The 996 board with 44 is probably usually a raise heads up in a small pot, a call in a very large pot and a fold the rest of the time.

      For raises in front of you, the SHC has two actions for each hand in each position, separated by a /. If there's no right side, you should fold.
    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
      Read one more time articles, continue examining and posting hands to the forum. When I started playing, I was also losing and then I managed to get firstly 55$ and after it was already a little easy. 2/3-rd of the time you don´t hit anything with your AK, but you still have to make contibets because the other players also maybe couldn´t hit nothing. You have to find out when you are beaten and can´t call, because you don´t have right pot odds.

      Good luck
    • Stefan1000
      Joined: 24.01.2006 Posts: 1,649
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      Best regards,