[NL20-NL50] NL50 QQ overpair

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      My hand: Q:spade: Q:heart:

      Thought process:

      Villain is a loose-ish reg whom I unsuccessfully tried to bluff a few times earlier. He raises from MP3, I 3bet, BB and villain call. Since he usually limp-calls small pocket pairs, I put him on overcards, TT-QQ or slowplayed AA/KK. BB could have QQ, AK or some funky pocket pair he'd hope to stack me with if he flops a set. Some would play AA/KK that way, but since he folded I figured he didn't have that, but I would probably fold to a check-raise here. So I cbet 2/3 pot and villain calls.

      Here I have him on TT-QQ, a set of nines (he could raise/call 99, but probably not 22 or 44), overcards hoping to get lucky or, more disturbingly, a flush draw. AA/KK is still possible, but I think he'd more likely bet or check/raise those hands to protect and get value. The turn completes the flush, and he checks again, which could be a trap so I check behind. Also for pot control in case of set/AA/KK. If no overcard hits on the river, my plan is to call something like 1/2 potsize bet, but I might fold to an all-in.

      River blanks and now something interesting happens. He checks for the third time, signaling he doesn't have a flush. A set would bet for sure, he doesn't have to worry about me having the flush since the only realistic flush I could have would be A:heart: K:heart: , and I'd bet that on the turn. The same goes for AA/KK, he'd bet that too. Maybe TT-QQ, afraid of a bigger overpair due to pre-flop 3bet. So basically he's given up the hand. Now I decided to go all-in because even a half potsize bet would commit me anyway.

      Still, I'm a bit unsure about this hand. I can't really bet-fold turn as any decent bet would commit me, and shoving only invites better hands (e.g. flush) to call while pushing weaker ones out. Was this played correctly?
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