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      I want to post new thread about betting size in MTT.


      - How much do u guys open when u r first in 2,5x, 3x, 4x, 5x etc...? Do u change ur open raise with position?
      - How much do u raise when there r limpers before u ?
      - How much do u raise oop when u r in SB or BB when there are limpers?
      - 3bet how big is?
      - C/R how big is?
      - Cbet?
      - ???????

      here we go..

      - early levels in MTT i open 3xbb first in from any position ,
      if there is 1 limper in front of me i raise to 4,5xbb
      if there are 2+ limpers i raise to 5-6xbb
      never ever limp first in (i might limp first in early position, on agresiv table, if i got KK+ and i'm 100% sure that there are super agresiv guys behind me and they will raise me)
      - later when blinds get 75/150 i open raise 2,2-2,6xbb
      ex 75/150 - 400
      100/200 - 500
      150/300 - 700 etc
      -if there r limpers before me i raise 4,5 xbb for 1 limper (if there still players behind me to act) if i'm on btn or cu i raise 4xbb,
      2-3 limpers 5-5,5xbb (this depends of the table of course is it tight or loose and are they calling raises light)
      if there are 3-5 limpers, i raise only strong hands- qq+ AQs+, and i raise pot
      i limp with any other pocket 22-jj
      sometimes i limp (40% limp 60% fold) 45s-KQs, 56-KQ, 79s-KJs, AXs,KXs (this is in early stages of MTT in late i almoust never limp
      - oop in sb or bb I raise 3xbb+1bb for every limper, if there r limpers in.
      if I'm BB and sb complete i raise 3more bb (if i want to raise ofcourse)
      if i'm sb and is fold to me i fold 50%, complete blind 20%(and bet good flop) and raise 30% early levels,
      later when antes get in I fold 35%, complete 15% and raise 50% of time whne is fold to me.
      - when some 1 open raise and i want to 3 bet him i usualy raise 3,5x(in position) to 4-4,5(oop)xOR when blinds are bigger and antes are in.
      in early levels i raise 4-5xOR, if there is a raiser and flat caller i raise 4-5xOR in position, oop i raise pot
      - i check raise 3-4x bet, if bet is smaler than 3/5 pot i check raise 5-6xbet, i never min raise oop ( i do that with nuts on turn but not a min raise is more like 2,5bet if bet is more than 3/5 pot if bet is smaler i raise 5-6 times bet)
      in position i use that scary min raise sometimes, less than 10% of time (as bluf and with made hands also), but is not realy a min raise is 2,2-2,5x bet
      - I Cbet on flop in position 90%+ of time with 1-2 limpers and i bet 3/5-2/3 of pot, oop i Cbet 95%+ of time with 1-2 callers

      WHAT ABOUT U???
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      I really like this thread, just posting so I can reply later.
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      Nice topic Reb :) and i reply later too because i have some work now.
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      Ok, budziors betting:

      In early stages i open 3BB (10/20, 15/30... 50/100), with limper 4BB, with 2 limpers 5BB. I dont like limping first in but i do it with small pocket pairs - pretty standard.

      In later stages i open 2,5BB (in latest stages i open 2,2-2,3BB), with limper 4BB, with 2 limpers 5BB, with more limpers i raise 3BB+1BB for limper with this range: TT+, AJs+

      In SB first in i raise 3,5BB or higher, it depends... In BB i raise 3BB.

      3betting - in position 3,5x, out of position 4,5x

      checkraising - it depends so i dont want to write about that...

      Cbet: It also depends but 90% is good amount... I bet 1/2-2/3 pot. On very scary board i raise 3/4 4/5 pot...