brm for don

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi bluffalot123,

      I would personally suggest a minimum of 30/35BI, but it is of course entirely up to you.
      The less BI you have, the more risk of playing with scared money if or rather when you hit a patch of variance or risk of going bust altogether of course.

      If you going to start with 25BI, I would set yourself a tighter session stop loss than the usual recommended 8BI, something like 5BI should surfice.

      Good luck, whatever you decide my friend,

      Best regards,

    • SuperSeanE
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      Hi there
      I worked with a 30 BI minimum Bankroll for 2 years and never went broke playing Dons. I think that If you play more than 4 tables at once I would increase this to 40BI. Whatever you do do not play at stakes that are more than 5% of your total bankroll. Even the best DONs players around could go broke doing this. By the way I have a group especailly for DONS players you are welcome to join and join in our discussions to improve your game. Good luck at the tables.
    • bluffalot123
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      ty for all feedback i think i will use a 30bi brm then
    • whateverdude
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      Depends on site and stakes, like for Stars DoNs I'd recommend something like 30bis for 5s, 40 for 10s and 50 for 20s.