hi all

    • pauliscool
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      hi all

      great jobs yous are doing just a simple Q

      ive just passed quiz. do i just have two keep winning to keep my
      50 bucks are is there other ways two earn points on party poker

      any help would be great

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    • justkyle88
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      Hey Pauly,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy and congratulations on passing the quiz.

      If you somehow loss your $50, you can re-build your BankRoll by using our
      • TAF (Tell-A-Friend) program

      winning some cash in a freeroll tournament,
      by simply depositing your own money.

      The account you signed up with through PokerStrategy will be tracked for it's entire lifetime, so whenever you produce rake with that account it will be automatically tracked through PokerStrategy and you will gain points.

      But, this shouldn't be a problem because PokerStrategy will help you improve your poker skills so you will hopefully never loss your bankroll. :)

      Make sure to re-read the

      and re-watch the

      Goodluck and Regards,


      P.S, Cool username, hehe