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      Hi all, dont know how i found this site TBH :P but im really happy with what i have seen so far.
      Ive been playing online for about a year, made a little profit but mainly just a hobby as i have a family i cant gamble too much.

      Ive passed the quiz and was surprised that as promised money was deposited really quickly into the PartyPoker account i created.

      Played a few hands :- A Qs got bust by a loose call from K 6s. then on my BB i got 4 5 and hit a straight on the flop!, went all in 3 callers... very nice pot, but it just wasnt to be as i got outdrawn.
      Later on had KK got 2 callers. one with 6 2 suited and i won a nice pot so :) :) notes taken on them.
      also had JJ and 2 callers made another big pot.

      Bad start but kept to the rules now im up about 2 dollars in <one hour.

      Just posting to say Hi and thank you to PokerStrategy.
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