Beating the micro's or PLO from micro's

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      I'm Victor. I'm from Latvia, and I'm 21. Currently I have moved to Germany, Bremen. I'm living there about 4 month's, learning German language, hopefully for studying in University in Germany. I really like that country.

      Now about poker.

      I've playing poker about 3 years. I have played on lot of poker sites, I have played lot of styles - SNG, MTT tournaments and Cash game in different levels. About half a year ago I layed down at Cash NL25 Holdem. Had really good results, and earned with my play for a living. By playing 4 tables, 5 hours a day, in 5 months I have cashed out 7200$, 1900$ of them this month. For me that's really good money. At the moment my bankroll is 100$ (about a week ago I deposited 75$ at PokerStars, but by playing pot limit omaha I grew them to 100$). And now my goal is to start playing PLO from micro's and to earn money from my play. I don't have big experience in PLO, but I have played it before, about a year ago and as I remember won about 100$ without any strategy and bankroll. Why I chosed to move to PLO? Because, I like this game much more than Hold'em, I think that by playing PLO after some time I will have chance to get more money, than by playing NL Hold'em. So, this is a start of a new poker career. I will try to play four 1h sessions per day and I will multitable and play 3-4 tables. After every four 1h sessions I will post here my results.

      In conclusion:

      Poker site - PokerStars
      Nickname - ZzevsS
      Bankroll - 100$


      Beat PLO Hi 0.01/0.02
      Read as much as possible PLO articles
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      Hi Victor,
      I quite like your idea. I made the same decision in August. I am playing mostly PLO25 now. I played 2K hands on PLO50 as well, but moved down again after a 10 stack down there.
      I can recommend for the beginning that you play 10k-20K hands FR, before you move to SH. The game will be swingy, but you should get used to it.
      One experience when reviewing my sessions is that 4 tables should be max, shorthanded I play 3 tables right now. I used to play 8 tables NL Hold'em without any trouble, so it's not like I am not used to multi tabling.
      Well, get some experience and you will be able to bet PLO 2 rather quick, even PLO10 should not be any trouble either. The videos and articles here are helpful.
      Best of luck!
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      I am playing FR because PLO SH seems little bit hard for me. Thanks for your advises and will see how things will be going.
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      Yeah, good idea holding off on the SH-PLO 'till later. To do it correctly - unlike most who play it at the low stakes - requires a lot of theory and a big bankroll relative to the stakes u play to make the best of it. Good luck!
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      Hello, Victor!

      It's nice to see more players from Latvia here :) I will visit your blog with interest. Two days ago for first time in my life I played PLO and that game is so exciting! GL at tables!