Errors in the text

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      I just recently got access to the silver section and Im reading the NL section. For e.g in the article "Fundamentals for the NL Pre-Flop game" on the last page, hand 11, it says "MP1 calls $0.15, Hero..." and then in the text beneath "According to the chart, you raise here to 4 BB + 1BB per limper, because only the Small Blind has joined the game" uhu, the MP1 has joined the game it says, theres no info about the SB joining the game. I might have missed some more in that article, I cant remember right off the bat.
      More of the same type of written errors in the next article "Fundamentals for the NL Post-Flop game", I really think you should take a look at those two articles for more errors.
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